Innova8ion is a boutique hotel and business center located at the heart of the city of Bethlehem. Only 10 minutes’ walk from the Nativity church on an off-town Street called Attan. Innova8ion offers superb services to a limited number of clients, making it more of an exclusive experience to our guest.

Innova8ion is mainstay for many events, offering attendees breathtaking views of Bethlehem skyline and culture-filled ambiance. We offer 27 rooms in single, double or triple beds. Rooms are convenient, modern and warmly designed. Each room is provided with its own air-conditioning; a 22 channel TV, safe box and free Wi-Fi.

From the moment our guests steps into the car parking lot all the way through our conference, accommodation and dinning services Innova8ion offers all-inclusive facility and has taken into consideration the particular needs of any guest at all times including Free Wi-Fi and Free parking.

Breakfast lunch and dinner is served at Wij aL-Amar restaurant situated on the 7th floor with a seating capacity of 100 guests. Wijlamar is the only open show kitchen in Bethlehem area. Situated in the middle, the kitchen creates an island and separates the dining area into two spaces that allows for banquets private parties, gatherings and dinners on special occasions. It is ideal for alfresco dining while enjoying the long sunny days of the Palestine, as well as the tranquility of a landscape that stretches as far as the eye can see.